Hi there, I'm Alex

and I'm a software engineer based in London, after studying at the University of Cambridge.

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I've published a couple of small Chrome extensions, including the popular RenameTab, and an Android Wear app, Tube Times Wear.

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At university I was the Publicity Officer for the Cambridge University First Aid Society and SJA Cambridge LINKS, and administrated their website.

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Most of my projects (and some abandoned ones!), are open-source and on GitHub

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Like every other human being with internet access, I do the Facebook thing. Feel free to message me, and if you know me IRL, add me as a friend.

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I have a LinkedIn profile, with more details about some of the things I've done.

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If you like, you can always send me an old fashioned email. In fact it's probably my favourite way to conduct 'serious' conversations. You can reach me at alex@alexbate.co.uk

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Public key

For super secret messsages, my public key (and proof of some of my other identities), are available on Keybase.io. Should you want to send me random sums of money, there's also a Bitcoin address there.

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I was a fairly early adopter of Twitter and tweet about technology, TV, university life and other such ramblings. The only thing that will stop me is Twitter's Facebook-ication continuing.

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Sadly Google+ doesn't have enough of my friends to make it worth my time sharing things on there. It's still my preferred method of video chat though, and I'll respond to Hangouts messages.

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